The Block Gatwick Episode 16

Hogan's, Heroes

Jess and Norm are happy, they won $5000 yesterday; Kerrie and Spence are happy with their progress two days to go and they've told their trades to stay home today; Sara and Hayden aren't happy again; Norm and Spence will have more conversations about their potential pool; B&C painted over night so today they're going hard in the hope they can go out tonight.

Courtney's having conniptions again this time about how massive their space is and well just about everything, including: I wanted a masculine look and nek minit I'm buying a lilac bedhead... then she's inside a Freedom store talking the ear off a helpful sales assistant

Wow Mirrors


Hans remains mute on the couch. Probably a good tactic.

Scotty reminds us that it's been a tough week for Hayden and Sara, covering off the threatened walk out again. But in a nice bit of cross promotion he's found a willing couple to take over should they actually walk out - Karl and Georgie from The Today Show. Fine, whatever my main question is, and it's only just dawned on me - how come Scotty doesn't have to wear a helmet? I had to when I went for a squizz!

Today Show

And then it's the check-in with all the apartments for the Domain thingy where they could win cold hard cash.

Kerrie and Spence reminded to put in full length wardrobes for coats etcetera; B & C have a secret telly and a netballer's goal defence type swinging arm light thingy; Jess goes to Fitzroy just for some cashmere; Scotty tells Hans and Courtney that their Master Bedroom is the best space in the block and if it's dressed right "you cannot lose" but Shelley reckons the art needs to change and rethink the colour on the walls - no pressure; 

Hayden and Sara are still thinking Royalty when it comes to the vision for their styling, and have side-stepped from Harry and Meaghan to cousin Beatrice and Mr Beatrice

More Royals

Was it Beatrice or Eugenie with the toilet seat hat at their other cousin's wedding? Oh no sorry, it's Eugenie and Mr Eugenie who they're styling for. My apologies. I have terrible eyesight and didn't hear Shelley until it was too late and I'm not editing this.

They then cut to Sara saying she was happy with the feedback from the walk through and that they got some positive feedback, but what's that look for Shelley?

Positive Feedback

OH it's just when they go over the negative feedback from Sunday (and the Sunday before that and before that one too). And Alice from Domain tells her to 'chin up' and treat it like a job and distance yourself from the decisions don't put what *you* like. But will she listen THIS time...

Courtney and Hans listened and are manically changing chairs, artwork and paint to avoid being blando.

The Hogan Bogans are back at it and I think Jess just tried to impersonate someone possibly at legendary Fitzroy Street chemist Solly Lew's asking for some thrush cream. Okaaaay... sleep deprivation has well and truly settled in.

Sara has another tearful assessment of how she's been disrespected by the judges.

We're reminded that Kerrie and Spence are in the show still and we find out that they've had another issue with a too big piece of furniture selected for one of their rooms. A spectacular mirror Kerrie was immovable about having was literally too big to fit through the doorway so clever Spence reluctantly removed his skirting and the door jamb and voila they got to stand in the room full of mirrors


Half an hour well spent Spence. Why so cranky!

Bloody hell, Norm and Jess are kicking goals, they win the Domain weekly prize too.

Now's a good time to share a terrific song by a St Kilda identity Spencer P Jones who will be laid to rest at the end of this week, sadly, but he wrote and performed one of my all time favourite songs The Bogans

Oh and here we go, everything's coming up Hogans, Forebears Dan and Keith tell them that the engineers have said their pool is doable!

You Can Do It

It can be 7.5 x 1.5 meters but they have to go talk to Hans and Courtney about it being above their terrace and they need to chuck in some steel and give them some hush money or something.

Hans CBFd hearing about it though. Today's a bad day. I totally get that. I had a week like last week where you can barely remember to breathe let alone listen to another person ask for something else from you.

So we get to a new day, the Saturday I think, everyone's ok except Courtney and Hans have been painting but one of the builders noticed they're using oil based paints so way too sticky. Ruh roh.

Meanwhile Husband Hayden is calling Sara 'mate'. Oh dear. He needs her to clean but she wants to go shopping. She mates him back "I've got shit to do". Plus they went to bed at a reasonable time and woke up at a reasonable time. While they bicker they never seem to stress about a time line. Curious, curious dynamics.

B&C are copping major scrutiny from Keith, he hates their swinging arm light and he reckons the feature wall is wonky. They seem unfussed.

Norm rolls out some dad jokes. Hans realises he's forgotten to order a slab, of concrete or stone or whatever it is for his wardrobe. Keep it together captain!

Oh no not again, yet another setback this is getting ridiculous, told you Courtney that you needed proper sage or the voodoo room cleanser I have to get rid of the bad juju - they've been told they're about four hours behind because of dodgy sanding from dodgy tradies.

But ooh am I excited now for Sunday's reveal - someone's got crap lights, something else is "ridiculous" and someone gets a 6 from the judges according to the little preview.

Bring. It. On!